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27 products

All About Green Vinyl Wraps

A vehicle wrapped in green vinyl looks like a precious jewel that is surely a treat for the eyes. VinylFrog offers its ardent customers a selection of its impressive green vinyl car wraps that promise to give a fresh, bold look to your ride compared to more traditional car colors.

Green is the most balanced color in nature and is a rare choice. It is a symbol of growth, harmony, and freshness and complements a variety of car designs, whether it's a sleek sports car, a rugged SUV, or a compact urban vehicle. It pairs well with different trims and accents, such as black, chrome, or carbon fiber details. Those who dare to be unique and want their vehicle to stand out go for it. Why blend in when you can be different?

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Green Car Wrap
Green Car Wrap
Green Car Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Green?

For a full green wrap expect to pay anywhere between $2000 to $5000. This includes both the price of the material and installation. If you have a luxury, exotic car such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari, the price can even go up to $10000. Hence the make and size of the car, the finish and color of the vinyl, and the rate of the installer in your area all influence the overall expense.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Green?

The green car vinyl wrap price however is not the major factor here as VinylFrog offers supreme quality films at excellent rates. For a full wrap, a 59ft roll will cost from $569 to $599 only. If you want to give your car a partial wrap, you can get our green vinyl wrap for under $100. Our 3.28ft roll costs from $59 to $63 only.

The Variety In Green Car Wraps

We offer almost every shade there is in green. Whether you want to be strikingly visible with a vibrant neon shade or go gung ho with a military look, you will get it in excellent quality vinyl with us.

Following are the various green car wraps available. There are four main types with sub-categories:

  • 1. Glossy Green Series
  •  High Glossy
  • .  Super glossy
  • 2. Matte Series
  • 3. Metallic Series
  •  Glossy metallic
  • .  Matte metallic
  •  Candy metallic
  • 4. Satin Chrome Green

Our collection allows for significant customization and caters to different tastes and styles. Each finish offers a different effect, from the sophistication of matte to the dazzling sparkle of metallic, improving your car's overall look.

1. Glossy Green Vinyl Wraps

With a shine that gives the vehicle a vivid appearance, our gloss green vinyl wraps are high in demand. They are available in two variants of shine, high and super glossy. Some of the colors we recommend are high glossy jade green, army green, and super glossy khaki green.

2. Matte Green Series

Matte green vinyl wrap has a completely toned-down look. If you do not want your vehicle to have a shiny appearance like every other car on the road and want to add depth and dimension to it, our matte dark green car wraps are for you. You can get colors like matte military green and matte silk khaki green.

3. Metallic Series

Our green wrap with a metallic finish has the same surface and shine as that of polished metal. It makes your vehicle picture-perfect with its superb look. Our metallic green vinyl wrap comes in three types: Candy Metallic, Glossy Metallic. and Matte Metallic. Some color suggestions are matte metallic forest green car wrap, glossy metallic gotland green, and the vibrant candy metallic neon green.

4. Satin Chrome Series

A car wrapped in soft and smooth silk—this is how the satin chrome green car wrap looks. It does not have a high shimmer and is not too dull. It brings out the richness of green and is highly appreciated and praised. You can get satin chrome silk green and paolo veronese green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give Your Car The Gorgeous Green Transformation!

Green is a different color to wrap your car in. It is available in many shades and finishes. No matter which one you go for, it will make your car highly captivating. Choose the color you like most and head for checkout. It's time to go green!